InstaBright Color Changing Solar LED Lights (Set Of 4)

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  • InstaBright Color Changing Solar LED Lights (Set Of 4)

InstaBright Color Changing Solar LED Lights (Set Of 4)

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A fun and easy way to add light and color to spruce up your outdoor space.

Increase Curb Appeal

Lights can make anything look better.  Color changing lights open up your options and add a whole new level of design options.  Transform your outdoor space, to a more inviting place with InstaBright Color Changing Solar LED Lights.  The beauty is their simplicity, their vibrant colors, and their ability to automatically turn on.  This allows them to be distinguished decorations that will look great no matter how or where you decide to use them.

Color Changing

Everyone knows that colors can positively affect our mood.  That’s what is so exciting about placing your lights anywhere outside that could use some colored lighting accents.  InstaBright Color Changing Solar LED Lights can cycle through, or stay on 7 different colors including white, red, yellow, green, pink, blue, and turquoise.  Could also be used to decorate for holidays, parties, and celebrations.

Light Where You WANT

Perfect for any area or space that could benefit from the ambiance of colorful and fun lighting.  Imagine all the ways and all of the places that you have, that would look better when lit.  Go from basic, to beautiful with your backyard lighting, driveway, or outdoor home décor.  Safety is an added benefit, as a house or home that is well lit would be a deterrent to any would-be intruders.

Solar Powered

No wires or cords so you are not tethered to anything. No batteries needed, so you don’t have to replace or continue to spend money. These LED’s get their power directly from the sun, automatically charging during the day, to be ready to provide you with up to 8 hours of light throughout the night. Be sure to install with the panels facing upwards, so they can soak in the sun, to provide downward lighting where most needed.


The Instabright Color Changing Solar LED Lights can be easily installed outside your home.  The best places include over stairs and steps, porches and patios, and on rails, ledges, or fences.  We provide you with a mounting kit that comes with enough screws and brackets to safely and successfully mount all 4 of your lights. Once mounted, even though the bracket will stay put, you can easily remove your light or move it to a new, different, or other temporarily location.

Ready for the Elements

Made with a durable ABS plastic shell and high-quality solar panels, these lights are designed to withstand rain, wind, or even snowy days. They are rated with an IP44 weather resistant rating. The cube design allows the sun to come in through the top solar panels, while the actual LED’s are encased inside a separate layer of plastic housing.


  • Includes: 4 Solar Lights/ 4 Mounting Brackets/ 8 Anchors/ 8 Screws
  • Light Body= Plastic
  • Light Type= LED
  • IP44 Weather Resistant
  • Average Charge Time= 6-8 Hours Bottom of Form
  • Average Run Time= 6-8 Hours Bottom of Form