Bringing ideas to life.

Our team of product development experts will review your submission, and pay you if we take it to market through our global distribution channels.

Branding & Messaging

We bring the graphic design and creative expertise to produce branding and messaging that resonates with key audiences simply, directly, and consistently.

Product Design

Our in-house product designers will take your concept from sketch to reality, in a way that lets it be manufactured and fulfilled efficiently and affordably.

Content Development

From first-class photography and video packages to user-generated content and everything in between, our team creates content that ensures your product and brand are ready for primetime.


Our 3D designers and factory partners can create affordable MVP-level prototypes, letting us test and refine the product before mass production starts.

Targeted Social Media

Our ability to build targeted social media audiences ensure that our followers actively engage in our clients’ brands, accelerating their online audience.

Custom Packaging

Packaging may be the one item that makes or breaks a product and can potentially be the difference between losing money and profitability. From packaging design, graphic creation and prototyping we are your one stop partner” partner for the entire supply chain.

Influencer Outreach

We successfully developed an Influencer and Brand Ambassador network not only to build awareness, but also to create brand credibility and trust.

Proven Sourcing

Over 25 years of proven sourcing experience provides us with the right partnerships and leverage both domestically and internationally so you never have to go it alone.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

A fully integrated logistics partner that can handle both domestic and international shipments is vital to a successful supply chain. We maintain proven, affordable 3PL partners strategically located throughout the world that specialize in growing with smaller companies.

Quality Manufacturing

Our manufacturing partners, both domestic and international, are fully vetted. With experience manufacturing for Raytheon, Haemonetics, Infineon, P&G, and other major brands, our team has tested relationships that will ensure your manufacturing process will be successful.

Video Production

We shoot and air TV commercials for most of the products we take on, giving them maximum exposure and increasing brand recognition faster than any other marketing medium.

Retail Placement

Anyone can sell a product online, but can they get it in front of Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and other major retail chains? Incredible Inventions presents every item to more than a dozen major retailers.

1. Submit Your Idea

Our team will review your product idea and see if it's a fit for what we do.

2. Marketing / Viability Test

We'll perform a marketing test on television and social media to gauge demand and estimate sales.

3. Our Team Develops

Our team of product development experts will create a prototype and get it ready for sale.

4. You Get Paid

We'll advertise the product and present it to major retailers. If the product is a success, you get paid!